Kalinga Pharmatech (Bhubaneswar)

First in odisha who is taking all his order
through Retailio App.

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About Us

About Us

Kalinga Pharmatech (Bhubaneswar) is the first in odisha which is taking all their order through Retailio App. It's the online deals site of medications in Odisha. We are the 1st in odisha state which provides delivery service within 24 hrs. We are situated in the mid of old and new capital of odisha. We offer a wide range of para pharmacy items, natural drugs, fragrant healing, and medications at the best costs.

For more than 500 plus happy customer in a short span of time, we have thought about the network with an extreme vision of making a more advantageous country, one part at any given moment.

We pride ourselves on giving amazing client administration and expert exhortation, alongside a wide scope of items and administrations.



Driven towards helping millions, we're dedicated to becoming a long-term partner and a one-stop solution for all Healthcare & Pharma needs.



Backed by a team of exceptional employees, our mission is to provide high-quality service and on-time delivery of medicines to all of our customers.

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